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Top Tips for Traveling without Tangling Your Jewelry
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Tired of your necklaces and bracelets getting completely tangled while traveling? The Kissters and a savvy iVillage user share their tips for unjumbling your jewelry. More great tips at iVillage.com/MyBestIdea
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No More Mystery Boxes! The Smart Way to Keep Your Clutter Organized
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Do you have a basement, spare bedroom or attic full of boxes with no idea what's inside? Check out this best idea from The Kissters on how to keep your clutter organized.
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Too Cool! Freeze Food in Ice Cube Trays for Easy Storage
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Stop wasting your time (and money!) throwing away leftovers by freezing them in perfectly portioned ice cube trays. Get the scoop on this cool idea at iVillage.com/MyBestIdea
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