Treating Migraine During Prodrome, Explaining to Children, More...

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Share and Support August 30, 2012
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Looking at Treating Migraine During Prodrome

A new study evaluates the evidence on whether we should treat a Migraine during the prodrome phase...

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From our Community and Experts...

How to Explain Migraine to Children

Teri Robert | Posted: Aug 22, 2012

If you want to explain Migraine to a child, this piece is for you! Read More »

Teaching Life Lessons

| Posted: Dec 31, 1969

This is the time of year when so much focus is on preparing for a new school year. But teaching kids goes far beyond getting them ready for classes... Read More »

American Headache Society

Migraine and Stressful Life Events

| Posted: Dec 31, 1969

Nancy shares an interesting presentation on Migrgain, stress, and major life events... Read More »

Migraine Question of the Week

Migraine Question of the Week - Migraines no vascular?

| Posted: Dec 31, 1969

A question that's confusing many people... Read More »

Did You Miss the Diane Rehm Show on Migraine?

| Posted: Dec 31, 1969

A wrap up on the show and how to listen online if you missed it... Read More »

Famous Migraineur: Sigmund Freud

| Posted: Dec 31, 1969

Often thought of as the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud was also a man who had Migraines... Read More »

Migraine Question of the Week

Migraine Question of the Week - I'm new on the boards and I need help!

| Posted: Dec 31, 1969

Please come offer this new member some help and support with her chronic Migraines and choosing a new doctor. Read More »

Opportunity to Participate in Chronic Pain Study

| Posted: Dec 31, 1969

A University of Maryland doctoral student in counseling psychology, who is doing her dissertation research on chronic pain, has invited our chronic pain community to participate in a study ...  Read More »


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