From Makeup to Workouts: 78 Best Tips for Busy Moms

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18 Must-Try Beauty Products for Busy Moms
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It's not easy being a mom, let alone have a beauty routine. We're so busy, we barely have time for a swipe of lipstick. So how do we look fresh and pretty -- in 2.5 minutes, flat? Try out these 18 mommy-must-haves that survive humidity, heat and even kids.
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40 Quick-to-the-Table Dinner Ideas
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Is it 6 o'clock and you haven't even started thinking about dinner yet? Don't worry, you're not alone! Whether you've got 10 minutes or an hour to cook, we've compiled a list of quick dinner ideas to help in your time of need.
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Your Go-To Workout: 20 Multi-Tasking Moves
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You thought you had a hard time fitting in fitness before you had a baby? These days, finding time for a gym trip feels like a cruel joke. But relax, mama. Did you know that exercise is cumulative? In other words, you don't need to do all of your sweating at once! We rounded up 20 effective moves -- just pick five to fit in over the course of your day and say goodbye to the baby weight!
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