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Election Fever
Rosh Hashanah Style...
Catch it!

As America finds itself in the throes of a highly contentious election season, Jews worldwide are gearing up for an "election" of a different sort: the Rosh Hashanah "Coronation" of the Almighty as King of the Universe (September 16-18).

By attending synagogue, offering up prayers, hearing the sounds of the Shofar and partaking of the holiday festivities, we will not only be "casting our votes" in favor of G‑d's renewed Sovereignty over the world and Providence over our lives, we will also be submitting our "petitions" that He inscribe us and our loved ones for a happy, healthy and sweet New Year.

Although all "votes" are counted, the "Election Code" (i.e., the Torah) does stipulate that there are actions one can take during these critical "campaign" days before the High Holidays to gain more favorable consideration of one's petition -- such as: increasing one's charitable deeds, intensifying the study and perpetuation of Torah, and reaching out to one's fellow with caring and kindness.

One way you can enact such deeds of loving-kindness and propel the dissemination of Judaism to a whole new level is by supporting the efforts of Chabad.org!

Each and every day, this website brings the gifts of discovery, knowledge and connection to countless thousands across the globe.  As a non-profit entity, these efforts are only made possible through the generous contributions of conscientious partners like you

It is our goal to enlist the participation of 5,400 partners before [the supernal] "Election Day," and I'd like to ask you to please be one of these essential delegates.

Please click here to make your secure, tax-deductible contribution to Chabad.org, thereby casting your vote for a Divinely-consecrated, Torah-enriched and mitzvah-saturated Year 5773!

You can contribute via Credit CardPayPal or Google Checkout, or by mailing a check payable to Chabad.org to: Chabad.org | 784 Eastern Parkway | Brooklyn, NY 11213.

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In merit of your generous partnership, may you and yours indeed be blessed with a Shanah Tovah, a happy, healthy and sweet New Year - in every way! 

With heartfelt gratitude, I remain,


Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin

PS - One of the beautiful things about this "mitzvah" is that it transcends all party lines in introducing a new level of harmony, stability, sanctity and purpose to the human condition -- at a time when these are as sorely needed as ever! Please help us continue our important work of uniting the world through Torah. Please extend your vital support today!

To brush up on everything Rosh Hashanah -- from the practical to the mystical -- click here. To find a place to pray click here. And to send a note to be read or placed at the Rebbe's resting place, as is customary before Rosh Hashanah, click here.  

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