Elul 25, 5772 · September 12, 2012

As the police arrived, a scream was heard. The guns were already drawn and the shooting began.

A loud siren rang. The teacher yelled, "Back into class! You can play more cops and robbers at lunchtime!"

"It's a cut!" shouted the director. The weary crew who had been working since dawn sighed with relief, but the children continued playing their game, chasing one another with their toy guns.

"So what do you think of the script?" asked the aspiring young writer. "Do you think the 'movie within a movie' idea works?"

The producer threw the manuscript back across his desk. "I get the gist of it," he said. "It's a parody on the American entertainment business. It's not just a story. But we're only interested in stories."

With all the above, I am trying to tell you something. It's about our reality, and how it is defined by our innate blindness to its higher context. We exist by virtue of our ignorance.

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