The Bipolar ADD/ADHD Connection

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The Bipolar ADD/ADHD Connection: Paying Attention to Attention

You know how it goes down.  It's late evening, you're starting to droop, big day tomorrow, time to hit the hay.  But you are easily distracted.  Inside your brain, your dopamine circuits are firing.  The thinking parts of your brain lock in.  

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The Bipolar ADD/ADHD Connection Part 11: Lack of Impulse Control or Hypomania?

John McManamy | Posted: Jul 22, 2012

The condition is not so much about attention deficit (as the name implies) as a failure in directing that attention.  On one extreme, the brain may hyper-focus, say on a project, at the expense of awareness of the immediate world.   Read More »


Postpartum Psychosis and Bipolar Disorder

Marcia Purse | Posted: Aug 31, 2012

"Baby blues" affect 50 percent or more of women after they give birth.  Postpartum depression is also fairly common.  Postpartum psychosis - when a new mother experiences rapidly shifting moods, confusion, delusions, erratic behavior, hallucinations, and too often, a belief that she has to harm herself or the child, is estimated to occur in 1 or 2 births per thousand.     Read More »

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