PARSHAH PICKS: How to Grow a Relationship (Ki Tavo)
Elul 18, 5772 · September 5, 2012
General Overview:

The Israelites are commanded to bring the first of their fruit to the Temple, and to deliver all tithes to their proper recipients. Moses explains how the blessings and curses are to be proclaimed on Mts. Grizzim and Ebal when the Jewish nation enters into Israel. He then details the blessings they will receive for following the commandments of the Torah, and the calamities which will result from disregarding them.

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By Lazer Gurkow
Deuteronomy 26:1–29:8
Gratitude and fruit, awareness versus acknowledgement, priorities over percentages, and the polarity of reward and rebuke—in the Torah reading of Ki Tavo.

Moses delivers a command so counterintuitive that we have to read it twice to make sure we have heard it correctly . . .

By Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Couldn't G‑d have given the poor farmer who traveled all the way to Jerusalem a simpler way of saying "thank you"?

By Avraham Plotkin
The "personal" mitzvah of Bikkurim teaches that even as we explore our individual path towards G‑d, our personal journey and destiny is deeply intertwined with, and part of the process and progress of our nation.

By Mendel Kalmenson
A Taste of Text—Ki Tavo
In the myriad responsibilities of the daily grind, realize what most important to you and give it precedence.

By Chana Weisberg
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Practical Parshah - Ki Tavo
The morning routine, according to Torah and how to put "first things first" the Jewish way.

By Mendel Kaplan
Watch Watch (55:00)
Parshat Ki Tavo
The connection between the start of a new year and the 98 curses read in this week's Torah portion.

By Moshe New
Watch Watch (40:29)
A five minute weekly Torah insight based on the wellsprings of Torah and Chassidut.

By J. Immanuel Schochet
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The Kabbalistic approach to the weekly Torah reading

By Mendel Kaplan
Download Download   Listen Listen (36:59)
As Jewish communities worldwide mark thirty days ("shloshim") since his passing,
 this Torah email is dedicated in loving memory of the legendary Mr. Sami Rohr
whose wisdom and philanthropy
catalyzed Jewish communal transformation worldwide.

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