Non-Medicinal Migraine Relief, Concussions and the NFL, More...

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Share and Support September 13, 2012
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Options for Non-Medicinal Migraine Relief

Taking a look at some options for at least partial relief of some Migraine symptoms without the use of any medications ...

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From our Community and Experts...

Concussions and the NFL: Research in Progress

CRegal | Posted: Sep 12, 2012

If there is anything positive to come out of the rise of concussions in contact sports, it would be the dramatic increase in public awareness ...  Read More »

Severe Traumatic Brain Injury May Be Helped by Flu Drug

Nancy Harris Bonk | Posted: Sep 11, 2012

Researchers  at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, looked into the benefits of amantadine - to help speed a patient's recovery ... Read More »

Sandilands' Migraine - Accompanied by Disrespect and Stigma

Teri Robert | Posted: Sep 12, 2012

The lack of understanding and knowledge about Migraine and the stigma surrounding Migraine have raised their ugly heads in the celebrity world again... Read More »

Migraine / Headache for 6 days

Annie | Posted: Sep 08, 2012

I have had a migraine for 6 days with an ineffective trip to the ER on Monday night.  I had uninterruptible vomiting with the migraine and they took me back immediately for IV treatment... Read More »

Lyrica for familial tremors and Migraines?

Ask the Clinician | Posted: Sep 11, 2012

Teri and Dr. K. answer a question from a reader who asks about taking Lyrica for familial tremor and Migraine prevention... Read More »

6 Day Migraine

Eddie | Posted: Sep 10, 2012

I am not a Migraine sufferer but my partner is, she has had a migraine for 6 days now. She gets an aura before each attack. She also has really vivid dreams witch she calls fever dreams... Read More »

Migraine Question of the Week

Migraine Question of the Week - Headache or Migraine every day?

Teri Robert | Posted: Sep 12, 2012

Please stop by and share some information and support with this member who is struggling with a headache or Migraine every day. Read More »

Teaching Life Lessons

| Posted: Dec 31, 1969

This is the time of year when so much focus is on preparing for a new school year. But teaching kids goes far beyond getting them ready for classes... Read More »


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