How to Download Torrents in Android, Symbian, Java and Windows ...

Torrent is a great way to download stuff. Many people use desktop clients to download torrents, and most of them are unaware of mobile torrent downloaders and its advantages.

Disclaimer: We will not be responsible for any claims or issues regarding downloading copyrighted or licensed work from torrents. You must check any licenses or copyrights of a product before downloading.

1. SymTorrent

It is one of the most popular application for Symbian users. It allows you to download multiple files at once, and also supports uploading. So basically everything your desktop software is capable of, is supported by this app. Plus, it is free under GNU General Public License.

Platform: Symbian

Download SymTorrent

2. MobTorrent

If you’re using a Series 40 device, and feel disappointed because your phone cannot run cool apps like Symbian and Android… Cheer up! There is some good news. MobTorrent is exclusively programmed for S40 phones, and can run like torrent clients on so-called ‘better phones’. It is developed by the same group, who developed SymTorrent – AMORG.

Platform: Java ME

Download MobTorrent


3. IS Drive

IS Drive is a BitTorrent client for iOS devices like,  iPhone, iPod and iPad. It was initially designed for managing ImageShack’s torrent download service, but then adopted to get stuff from isoHunt and Mininova.

Platform: iOS

Download IS Drive


4. Torrent Buddy

Torrent Buddy does not download files on your Windows Phone device, instead it just remote-control the client installed on your PC. It’s a great tool for WP7.5 (and above) users. You can get more details on how to setup the remote connection and support information on the official site.

Platform: Windows Phone

Download Torrent Buddy

5. Rutracker Downloader

It is a nice app for Android users to download anything from piratebay, isohunt and mininova. Unlike the other apps in Play Store, there is no speed limit in the free version of Rutracker. There are ads, though. There are many great features, which you can check on the application page in the store.

Platform: Android

Download Rutracker Downloader

6. BBtor

BBtor is a client based on peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. There are not many apps for BlackBerry users to fulfil their purpose, so there is no harm in giving this one a try. It supports all type of data transfers like, GPRS, EDGE, 3G and WiFi. Plus, UDP trackers work with this app like a charm.

Platform: BlackBerry

Download BBtor