Adopting Our Daughters
Elul 24, 5772 · September 11, 2012
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By Chaim Bruk
All too often, for whatever the reason may be, we don't get the recognition or feedback that we wanted or hoped for. But that doesn't mean the impact wasn't made...

By Sara Esther Crispe
Not one time do we mention our wrongdoings or ask for forgiveness on this awesome day. Why? Because on this Day of Judgment our words have a powerful effect, and our prayers have the strength to transform . . .

By Elana Mizrahi
Make sure to begin the New Year right with foods that carry symbolic meaning and Jewish tradition, and that are, of course, absolutely delicious!

After investing hours and hours on food preparation you will most certainly want to place your delicacies on an elegant table. Convinced? Here's how you can make this year's table look like a bountiful feast befitting royalty...

by Sara Rivka Dahan
The Meaning of Community
He knows we are not angels, because He didn't create us to be perfect. But He did create us with the ability to connect with others and become better people...

By Sara Esther Crispe
"What's up with the brisket, Grandma?" my preteen son asked, echoing my suspicions that bubbe's famous brisket-the eternal pillar of my family's High Holiday feasts-had undergone an unprecedented facelift...

By Sharon Estroff
Suddenly Papa Yosef Chayim heard a sharp knock on the door. Curious who would be visiting at such an hour, he got up and opened the door. To his shock, he found a burly robber pointing a pistol directly in his face...

by Shalvi Weissman
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