ADHD and Puberty

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Share and Support September 6, 2012
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ADHD and Puberty

Whether male or female, your child is bound to feel the changes during puberty and ADHD symptoms may make this difficult time even more difficult.

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Teaching Life Lessons

| Posted: Dec 31, 1969

This is the time of year when so much focus is on preparing for a new school year. But teaching kids goes far beyond getting them ready for classes. Read More »

Test Taking Tips for Students with ADHD, Parents and Teachers

Eileen Bailey | Posted: Aug 05, 2012

For children with ADHD, just the thought of taking a test can create fear and worry. Read More »

Balancing Bipolar Disorder Treatment

ADHD and Bipolar: Is There a Connection?

Eileen Bailey | Posted: Aug 10, 2012

John McManamy, one of the Health Guides at, has written two very interesting posts on the topic of do ADHD and bipolar disorder overlap. Read More »

Teen bedwetting

Teens with ADHD: The Difficult Years

Eileen Bailey | Posted: Aug 13, 2012

I often get emails from parents of teens with ADHD asking what to do and how to institute discipline for their budding young adult. Many parents wonder if and how their teen with ADHD is going to make it in the “outside” world. Read More »

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Helping Your Teen with ADHD Become Independent

Eileen Bailey | Posted: Aug 20, 2012

While you know you need to give your teen space and let him grow, he doesn’t always seem able to handle the freedom.   There are some ways you, as parents, can help your teen gain independence.  Read More »

3 Free Apps for Time Management and Organization

Eileen Bailey | Posted: Aug 26, 2012

Smart phones, Kindle Fires and iPads canhelp you stay on track and stay organized. The following are three free apps that may help, depending on which device you have. Read More »

Question of the Week

Ya-ya | Posted:  Sep 02, 2012

If a child has maxed out on a dosage of Strattera, can another non-stimulant medication be added?

Poll of the Week

Do you (or your child with ADHD) use any apps to help stay organized?

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